Booking Enquiry at St Andrews

Booking Enquiry at St Andrews

Use this form to make a booking enquiry for St Andrews Church.

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  • The main church facilities include the dais platform and flexible seating areas, a toilet and WiFi access throughout.
  • The church meeting rooms are two small heated spaces with access to the toilet that can otherwise be closed off from the main church. WiFi access remains available.
  • The church kitchen is fully equipped with cooking, washing and food storage facilities that meets hygiene regulations.
  • The Crypt meeting room is a small heated room that has it’s own toilet and kitchenette facilities but no WiFi.
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Caretaking Charge

Please note that in addition to any hire fees there will be a fixed caretaking charge of £50 for the purposes of infection prevention in ALL cases. Please select this below to accept.

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Use of our facilities is subject to your agreement to our hiring terms and conditions. Please read these carefully below and tick the box to confirm that you have read them and agree to them.

When you submit the form you will see a summary of your enquiry. Please allow several days for our team to contact you to confirm or further discuss your arrangements.