Other Churches

Church in Wiveliscombe and the surrounding area is alive and strong. Along with the 9 Church of England Churches that make up the benefice the area is also served by three other denominations / churches.

Wiveliscombe Congregational Church
Wiveliscombe Congregational Church

Wiveliscombe Evangelical Congregational Church is on Silver Street in Wiveliscombe.

They have services at 11am every Sunday. Please visit their website for more information and further contact details.

St. Richard of Chichester Roman Catholic Church
St. Richards Roman Catholic Church

St Richard of Chichester Roman Catholic Church is also in Wiveliscombe.

They have Mass at 9am on Sundays. Please visit their webpage to find more information and for further contact details.

Brendon Hill Methodist Church
Brendon Hill Methodist Church

The Brendon (Beluah) Hill Methodist Church is at Upton on Exmoor.

They have services every Sunday at 6.30pm. Please visit their website for more information and contact details.

More can also be found about Wiveliscombe Community Church, which meets at the Community Centre, from their website.