Adult Groups and Social Events

Adult Groups and Social Events

Church is very much alive during the week across the benefice! A number of regular meetings take place every week through organised groups, home groups and activities. A number of social events also take place, which may be fundraisers, community events, social gatherings, or outreach events. Here are some examples of the groups and events that we have running. If you would like to find out more about any of our regular groups or social activities or would like to know who the organiser is for each group then please send us a message or have a look at our events pages to find out what’s coming up soon.

Home Groups and Lent Groups

We have at least 5 home groups that meet around the area monthly or fortnightly that study a range of topics or follow series of studies. Some home groups meet for meals before hand and some just for prayer and study. During the season of Lent we often have Lent Groups that meet weekly when most people from our benefice congregations get together in groups to study a series. In 2017 we looked at the persecuted church through a series devised by one of our mission partners Open Doors. In 2018 we followed a study series about the saints that the churches in our benefice are named after.

Friday Prayer Group

Meets Friday mornings weekly normally at St Andrew’s Church.

Mothers Union

Mothers Union has been associated with St Andrews for over 100 years and it meets there regularly.

Flower Guild

The flower guild is a core part of St Andrews, putting together beautiful floral arrangements weekly and for major church festivals throughout the year. For further information please contact Dilys Sandercock on 01984 624400.

Bell Ringers

The St Andrews bell ringing group will meet weekly for practices and will ring bells for festivals, events, weekly services at St. Andrews and for other churches in the area. Bell ringers also meet at our other churches where we have them. For more information please contact Adam Green on 01984 623012.

Social Events

Occasional social events are organised for the women of the church and for the men of the church, often involving evenings in the local pub or restaurants in the town. We also have other ad-hoc gatherings throughout the year, and once a year we organise a church family event where the whole church gathers together for a weekend of teaching, workshops and worship.

There is so much going on in the benefice that it is impossible to list everything! Some examples of our other events include fundraising events, community events, outreach events, PCC and parish council meetings, further prayer and support groups, children’s clubs or activities, Open The Book, seasonal activities, study groups, visiting teams, Mother’s Union, Friends of St Andrews, and The Julian Meetings – and that’s not all of it!

To get up to date information on what is going on in the next few weeks and months please click here.