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What is going on at the moment - do come along?


Sundays 10.45am                     1st Sunday Morning Worship
                                                   2nd, 4th & 5th Sundays Holy Communion

3rd Sunday 8.00am Holy Communion  
and   10.45am All Age Communion
Fridays 9.05am – 9.25am Friday Morning Prayer in St Andrew’s Church

and other activities
Julian Meeting – Monday 6th February
At 10.00am, Cridlands Barn, Brompton Ralph. All Welcome for Silent Prayer and Fellowship.

Volunteer Centre – Tuesday 21st March,
Fancy Volunteering? Meet new people, learn new skills, build your CV, make a contribution, Go for it... Engage will be at Wiveliscombe Library on 21st March from 2.30pm – 5pm with information on how you can volunteer. Have a look at the poster or visit www.engagews.org.uk

First Aid
If you are willing and are suitably qualified to be a ‘named first aider’ for our church, please let a churchwarden know.

Publicity Co-ordinator needed
We are looking for someone who might have the skills and vision to be thinking ahead about how to publicize things that either we have done or are planning to do. This would be especially for the Wivey Messenger and the magazine. It would involve obtaining photographs and copy from people and/or producing some yourself. If you think this could be for you, please speak to Peter or Judith.

St. Andrew’s Re-ordering and Gift day 26th February
Today we will be sending out literature for our Gift Day in a similar manner to last year. This is an extract from David’s letter in the February Magazine:

“At the time of writing we have a target date for starting the remainder of Phase 1 of the St. Andrew’s Reordering project.
Once we sat down with the architect to discuss the details of the prospective building contract it soon became clear that it would be necessary to vacate the Church for Sunday worship for a few months after Easter!

The exact date and length of time will depend on how the builder tackles things and in what order. It will also depend on how much money we have raised and the actual price that is quoted.

The elements of this phase include glazed screens to three south bays providing a kitchen, meeting room and enlarged vestry/office; an extended dais; disabled toilet; repaired front drive providing level access to an improved south west entrance; upgraded space under the tower and extra audio visual capability.

We believe that we already have enough money to tackle the major works down the south side of the building this summer.
It would be wonderful if all elements of the phase could be done before November. But this will only happen if we get a good tender price and if we can raise the remaining funds through generous giving, grants, fund raising initiatives.

Initial discussions about worshipping elsewhere on a Sunday have been positive. The words of the prophet Nathan to King David in 1 Chronicles remind us that God is not permanently wedded to any building, and that his people have always been a pilgrim people - a people on the move. We aim to treat this necessity of moving as an opportunity rather than a problem!

We are, of course, concerned to keep together as a Church and not lose people. But we also want to be open to unexpected possibilities and blessings through this time. Please join in praying for a very good and helpful plan to emerge.

Giving of our time, talents and money
The project period will be a time of need and opportunity to give in a variety of ways.
There will be times when working parties are needed to move furniture, treat more of the floor and clean up - more than once.
People are encouraged to think of ways to raise money – especially creative ideas such as selling through Ebay, or seeking support from our wider friends and acquaintances, through being sponsored for something or hosting an event in your home.

Finally, there is direct giving.
In January, last year an amazing £30,000 was given or pledged, and that money has been essential in securing grants and keeping the project moving along.
Once more we ask you to pray about your response, especially if you have not been able to give before, and for God to continue to provide as he has so far.”

Parents and Tiddlers
Parents and Tiddlers has given the opportunity to introduce our newest generation to Christ and provided fellowship for their parents and carers for almost 20 years. It is now time for it to have a break for the time being, to pray, reassess and ask God his plans for this and other age groups in Wiveliscombe. We’d be really grateful if you would join us in this, if you have any thoughts or inspiration as a result, please talk to Judith Swan.

New Book on Marriage ‘What Mum’s want and Dad’s need to know’
Drawing on their own life experience, Harry and Kate Benson have just published this book. They have prepublication copies available at a reduced price of £5. Do ask them for a copy.

Thank you
A big thank you to all those who have worked hard to help with the preparation, support and delivery of events during this year’s Christmas

Big Quiz Night – Friday 27th January
Beat those January Blues -
Get a team together or book yourself in for the Big Quiz Night at St Andrews Church on Friday 27th January @ 7.30pm. £6-00 per person to include supper - bring your own drink or tea & coffee will be available.
Quizmaster will be Martin Valuks. Contact Sherry to book. For those of you who came to the Christian Aid Quiz last year - it was a really fun evening, so please spread the word!

Last Sunday’s Breakfast and Service to support the persecuted church in Syria and Iraq raised a fantastic £752.20p to date.
Open Doors called for an International Day of Prayer to mark the start of a 7 year global campaign of prayer and action.
Support is appealed for in 3 main ways:
1. Pray
2. Sign the petition calling for freedom to worship for all in Iraq and Syria. The target is for 1 million signatures which Open Doors will take to the UN and raise the profile for the persecuted church. petitions available in church – do take away and ask others to sign
3. Donate – Open Doors have people on the ground in Syria and Iraq distributing bibles, food and trauma training to displaced families
To learn about the background of Open Doors why not read ‘God’s Smuggler’ by its founder, Brother Andrew? For many years they smuggled bibles behind the iron curtain at great personal risk. In 1982 Open Doors launched a seven year campaign of prayer for the Communist bloc. In 1989, the Berlin wall came down.
If you missed last week’s moving service the petition is still available today and Peter to Kevin can receive any gifts if you wish to contribute.

St. Andrew’s Re-ordering News

We have just heard that a grant of £100,000 has been awarded to St. Andrew’s for the re-ordering scheme. This is thanks to the diligent administrative work of Sherry Rayson and the project skills of Alan Swan and Tony Blackmore in providing detailed information.
The grant makes a significant dent in our fundraising target for Phase 1 and should allow us to make a start on the actual work during 2017.

September to February Services
Our next booklet giving details of services around the Benefice (our group of churches) for the next six months is now available. It has a bright blue cover and you are welcome to pick one up.

Notes from St. Andrew’s PCC
• The recent Churchyard working party was useful with more ivy cleared, two more railings painted and high-level lightbulbs replaced.
Thank you to all.
• The Harvest Supper was a good evening with thanks to Kate Benson.
• An electrician has fitted a new time clock for the heating system, a double power socket under the tower and new heaters in the Crypt (replaced free of charge after the failure of the old ones)
• The new Archdeacon of Taunton, Simon Hill, has taken up his post as of last month
• There was a discussion on fund raising leading to a brief policy that there are three main ways of giving and supporting events:
1. Give money through participating.
2. Give time and labour
3. Give time and labour and cost of materials
It was clearly stated that we expect those who give time and labour to claim back all or part of any costs of materials/ingredients unless they choose not to. All forms of giving are much appreciated.
• As a Church we give a significant proportion of our stewardship income to Christian mission at home and abroad. This year we are allocating over £4,000 to this with about half that sum having been raised through breakfasts, lunches, a quiz and personal gifts.
At the November Family Service we will focus on Syria and the Middle East and there will be a speaker from Tear Fund on April 2nd.

Please see the magazine for more details of this month’s groups or speak to one of the leaders, Vigdis, Madeline, Tony, Liz, Peter or Martin.

People to read readings and lead prayers at St. Andrew’s
We are keen to involve as many people as possible in our services and are shortly to draw up a rota for six months from September.
An Email is being sent to a number of people who may not already be on the rota to invite you to consider this. But we do not have everyone’s Emails, so please speak to David, Peter, Judith or Tony if you would like to be involved in this way.

Spring Harvest 2017
This year once again we hope to take a small group to Spring Harvest at Butlins. We are planning on going to Minehead, Week Two, which is a five-night week, and runs from 8 April to 13th April 2016. If you would like more information please look at the website www.springharvest.org/. Booking lines open 15th June although we can add people to the booking right up to the date! If you would like to join us please speak to Alan or Judith.

Refugee Aid From Taunton #raft - Donations for the Refugee crisis
St Andrew’s has a collection for Donations at the back of Church and we will continue to take items to raft, please have a look at the flyers for items required or look at their Facebook page, the link can be found on our page. Thank you

New St. Andrew’s Directory
is ready for members to collect with a salmon pink cover.

Gift Day Result
Last Sunday’s Gift Day raised, in one day, £27,863.75 in Gifts received (£19,000) plus tax reclaimable and further money pledged. Fantastic! The latest total is £30,000
This is on top of the £12,000 that had already been given since September and has funded our new chairs.
A big thank you to all who gave and, as we have prayed, enabled a really encouraging start to our fundraising for Phase 1 of our re-ordering project.
More detailed news on progress and plans will follow in due course, but for now ‘Well done everyone and thank you to God!’

XStream is going to meet every week.
It’s very exciting that the numbers in the 10+ age group have grown so rapidly at St Andrew’s that we are going to run XStream every week (except Family service) starting on February 7th. We are delighted to have Kate Benson, John Osbourne and Gabriel Smy join Sue Pearson and Becky Widdows on the team. We are also very fortunate to have a growing group of Young Leaders alongside us.
Please pray for us as we learn to work as a team and encourage the faith of these young people.

St Andrew’s visiting Team
We now have a visiting team at St Andrew’s, if you know of someone who has recently had a bereavement, been in hospital, had a baby, moved house or are elderly and/or lonely, and you feel they would welcome a visit, please let us know. We would also like to particularly welcome people who may be new to the Wiveliscombe area, so please keep an eye out for new neighbours.
For anyone who is housebound and would like to receive Communion, we have members of the team who can administer this. So please let us know. A visit can be arranged by contacting Sherry Rayson or Julie Newby

Re-ordering at St. Andrew’s
• Even those of us who are keen on the re-ordering project were sad to say goodbye to many of our pews at the beginning of the month. Their removal creates new opportunities for the Church, but there is an inevitable sense of loss
• Sid Clee from Teesdale, his son Daniel and colleague Tony did a fantastic job removing and making good the floor within the week, including two 14 hour round trips and back.
• A wonderful co-incidence, that Lee Abbey are closing their main house for four months for a major refit, means we can borrow 150 identical and comfortable chairs in time for Remembrance Sunday and over Christmas.
• We heard this week that that our choice of style of chair has been approved by the Diocesan Advisory Committee. We just await their recommendation on frame and fabric colour.
• We have started the process of getting permission for the next phases and are already experimenting with new ways of using our various spaces.
• Until after 1st November we will be worshipping in the Lady Chapel while we treat the bare boards in the nave and do some re-organization. Please bear with us as we sit in different places and live through these changes.
•For updates and pictures like our Facebook page
St Andrew's Wiveliscombe


St. Andrew’s Reordering Scheme
After 15 years of planning and consultation we now have a license to donate the first eleven rows of box pews to the Beamish Museum in County Durham.
The pews will be removed in the week beginning 5th October.
Read more of the story leading up to this in the September Magazine and please pray for the PCC and Steering Group as they:
• Decide on new chairs and arrange for temporary chairs while we await delivery of new ones
• Apply for a Faculty for the first major phase of the rest of our scheme such as a disabled-friendly entrance, upstairs toilet, extended chancel, remodelled south bays and so on.
• Form a budget and fund-raising plan.
Meanwhile do keep inviting people to come to Church to enjoy the pews while they are still here.

New Bishop of Taunton
Archdeacon Ruth Worsley
In case you missed this announcement back in June/July, here is some detail from the Diocesan Website.
The Bishop of Taunton’s role is that of a Suffragan Bishop. Ruth’s role will be to support the Bishop of Bath and Wells, who is the Diocesan Bishop, much akin to a deputy. Ruth will become the 13th Bishop of Taunton
Some key facts about Ruth:
• Aged 53. Ruth was born in Hampton, Middlesex in 1962 and grew up under the flight path of Heathrow airport in Ashford and Staines.
• Attended the University of Manchester and St John’s College, Nottingham.
• Ordained in 1996. Currently Archdeacon of Wiltshire since 2013.
• Married to Howard, Vice-Principal at Trinity College, Bristol.
They have three adult sons.
Ruth also has links with the Lee Abbey movement.

Gift Aid

Most people are aware of the way in which Gift Aid enhances the value of what we give to God’s work through the Church. There are two main ways of taking advantage of this:
1. Standing Order
An increasing number of regular worshippers give by Standing Order. You can set it up and cancel it at any time, if you do online banking, by asking the treasurer for your Church’s Bank details. Or just ask the treasurer for a form. It means you can give even when you can’t get to the service.
(Those who let the bag pass by have usually already given by this means!)
2. Cash Collections
We can claim back the tax (increases your gift by 25%) on cash collections provided you put the cash in one of the yellow envelopes and write your name and post code on the envelope. Do take a bundle home so you can prepare in advance.
Please consider giving by Gift Aid if you are not already in the habit of doing so. Just make sure you have paid enough tax to the Government to cover it.

Manna is the quarterly magazine from the diocese, which aims to encourage confident Christian communities in Bath and Wells. It is inspiring, informing and challenging, giving the Christian perspective on issues affecting our lives today. It is relevant and very much ‘rooted’ in Somerset. Manna magazines can be found at the back of the Church, please feel free to take a copy.

Discuss & Donuts – Every  Friday- Lunchtimes
Lunchtime Club @ Kingsmead School, Open to all students (year7-11) Discuss stuff that matters at the base, free donuts* For more information please speak to Keith Brindle or Andy Levett

Puppet Ministry
We now have the use of 4 puppets and a script book for ministry! Puppets are a fun way of communicating God’s word, using storytelling in a similar way to Jesus. There are several ways you can be involved, you could be involved in puppeteering, directing/coordinating, organising props and some making of costumes. We are thinking of having a first attempt at parents and tiddlers on 20th May, but they will be useful for Messy Church, All age worship, Special services and across the benefice. Two of the puppets have already played Abraham and Sarah as part of Open the Book at the primary school. If you are interested in helping then or any other time please speak to Liz Kilbride or Judith Swan.

Benefice Weekend – Thank you and Recorded Talks
1. Thank you to everyone for your part in the weekend earlier this month
I came up with the phrase beforehand that this was to be an event which ‘we all make happen together’.
As it came to an end I reflected that this was exactly what did happen.
Thank you especially to those who played a major part in working with the young people, running a workshop, social event or one of the meals or drink sessions.
And also to all of you who supported by your presence, prayers, money and enthusiasm.
2. Copies of the talks by Martin and Cesca Cavender can be made available to anyone who downloads the free online storage facility ‘Dropbox’ onto your Computer.
I can then invite you to share the folder ‘W&H Talks’ so that you can listen again or catch up with what you missed. David

Sunday Allsorts

For Primary aged children to join them Allsorts During the 10.45 service This term the theme is journeys. If you would like more information on Allsorts then take a look at the magazine or speak to a Churchward at any service in St Andrew's.

Events of Interest
There are various leaflet at the back of St.Andrew’s (open 9.00-5.00pm each day). Currently they include Music at Wells Cathedral, a day of Church singing in Taunton.

Open the Book
In the October magazine, I have written about a national initiative called ‘Open the Book’. This organization has grown fast from small beginnings and has the declared aim:
‘Enabling every child to hear the story of the Bible at school in their primary years’
The stories are well designed and easy to deliver in a 10 minute school collective worship assembly and we are looking to gather a team of all ages who could regularly be involved in bringing this to Wiveliscombe Primary School at 10.00am on some Monday mornings during term time.
Please speak to David or Judith if you are interested in taking part.

Share the Load
A way of supporting those who could do with a little extra help : the church (i.e. people) of St Andrew's providing evening meals for a short period of time, and of course calling by to drop the meal off, which sometimes will be just as valued. For instance you / they may recently have had a baby, had a spell in hospital, or been recently bereaved. If you know of anyone who would appreciate this at any time there are forms at the back of the church to nominate them.
If you feel you could support this by occasionally cooking for those nominated please speak to Judith Swan.