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Where Adventure Begins – Faith in the Family

Coming to St Andrews on Wednesday 21st February at 7.30pm!

Where Adventure Begins

New Wine have partnered with Riding Lights Theatre Company to put on a performance of about faith in the family. It’s about parents passing on their faith to their children. ‘Where Adventure Begins’ is a brilliantly entertaining, humorous and touching show which takes a fresh look at bringing children up in the Christian faith, and is devised to deepen our understanding of ‘family’.

Brace yourselves as bold church leaders plunge headlong into the dizzy world of young discipleship. Gasp as perplexed parents hang on for the white-knuckle ride of the teenage years. Thrill in amazement as overworked, relentlessly positive Youth Worker, Ryan, negotiates a string of minor disasters on the famous camping trip to Wales.

Meet Jake, Jasmine and Ellie as they re-live their childhood and teenage experiences of Christian faith at home and at church. Nobody knows how it will turn out, but everyone’s agreed that we need to keep together on the adventure of faith. In a brilliantly entertaining show – real, touching, hilarious – Riding Lights create an unmissable piece of theatre to deepen our understanding of ‘family’.

“The next generation of believers will not just simply appear. Whether through the church, friends or family we must be intentional in seeing our youngest and newest introduced to Jesus. The place of greatest influence on a child’s life is the family home and their parents the greatest teachers. And yet as a church, how well do we prepare, equip and support parents in the task of producing a fully grown faith-filled child?!

“The truth is we all have a part to play. Whether we are parents in the trenches, leaders in the church or the wider family and faith community supporting and encouraging alongside, we are all working together for the same goal. ‘Where Adventure Begins’ will help us engage with two very important questions: why do we pass our faith on to our children? And how do we do it? Join us for a fun evening in Wiveliscombe and whatever part you have to play in this journey, you’ll return to your homes and churches ready to go!”


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