Sunday @ 6 Service for 29th March 2020

Sunday @ 6 Service for 29th March 2020

Welcome to Sunday @ 6 for 29th March! This is a short video service for you to follow, pray and worship at home, which reflects on the current word situation and where we are in the Christian calendar – Passion Sunday.

We apologise that Sunday @ 6 was not ready for 6pm as anticipated – this was our first attempt at such a recording and there were some technical hitches to solve, including the handling of the mediocre speed of people’s internet connections in our part of the world! There are lessons to learn about how to ‘virtualise’ aspects of church but it is a starting point at least!

Any comments or feedback then please leave them below in the comments section (login required) or send us a message through the website or directly to

Hopefully there will be more to come – we hope that you enjoy this video are are able to use it to interact with us and worship at home.


  1. John

    Well done, good and faithful.
    We are indeed at a time, when, being stripped of all certainties, we may embrace a future a we have prayed for, for over two thousand years, and Easter initiates, “Thy kingdom come!).

    Grace and Peace

  2. Liz Kilbride

    Thank you everyone for taking part in this service.
    Love the birdsong and flowers!
    Truly, we need to share the love and compassion of Jesus in our community.
    We need to pray for wisdom and peace.
    Only Jesus can give us that peace that passes all understanding.

  3. Lisa

    It’s great to see the Wivey Church moving into the virtual space! Well done to everyone who took part! Keep up the good work of virtual connecting!

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