Seven Towers Service for Sunday 24th May onwards

Seven Towers Service for Sunday 24th May onwards

This week saw Ascension Day on Thursday, so we celebrate ascension as our theme for the brand new “Seven Towers Service” this week.

“Father, the hour has come. Glorify your Son, that your Son may glorify you.

John 17:1b

Our services will now be available from 9.15am on Sundays, and as always, they will remain available at any point from then onwards.

We hope to have more content available during the week from here on too, look out for this on a combination of the church website and our St Andrews Facebook page.


  1. Liz Kilbride

    Lovely service, thanks to all who contributed.
    Thank you to the Morrell family and team. Great songs, lovely harmonies and fantastic actions, Stuart and Grace!

  2. Hazel Ramsay

    Starting to enjoy these on line services so much that I’m not sure I want churches to open again! But that wouldn’t do for long. I miss everyone so much. Thank you all so very much and what a lovely surprise to watch Stuart and Grace with their joyful hand dancing! John, your Drone pictures are simply stunning.
    Well done indeed everyone!

  3. Hazel Ramsay

    I didn’t realise there was a section for comments until the Revd. Martin pointed it out to me. I only went as far as ‘Previous Sunday @ 6 Service’ and then shut down. Perhaps an invitation to comment could be included in the paragraph beginning,’ Previous Sunday @ 6 service 17th May 2020′?

  4. ann scotter

    Lovely to see friends again and feel united with the Benefice. Meaningful service and I loved John’s drone photos. Hope they feature each week. The new timing is much better. I like to see it on a Sunday but it didn’t always fit in at 6pm. Well done eveeryone.

  5. arthur barras

    well done once again, and the actions at the end were fantastic 10/10 to everybody

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