“Pressed down and running over”

“Pressed down and running over”

Martin Valuks asks us to reflect on the abundance and extravagance of God’s love, as revealed when Jesus turned water into wine at the wedding in Cana of Galilee.


  1. Vyvyan-Jonses

    We’ve the listened to today’s service as the snow falls, and now the sunshine is brilliant on the whiteness outside the window. The birds are busy seeking out the seeds on the ground. Abundance in creation mirroring the words of today’s prayers and sermon. Thank you team for sharing your gifts.

  2. Martin and Angela Valuks

    We are rather late to the party having just watched this on Friday evening. many thanks for all the wonderful images and reflections and thank you Morrels and Bensons for the music. Thanks to Stuart and Grace who really made me smile!

  3. intraconiis

    Was thinking………6 ceremonial washing jars were empty, leads me to ask how much water does it take for the Bride and Groom and guests to be cleansed (I will look in Leviticus? But, the contemporary readers would have known) But assuming it’s going to be a gallon each? that’s 150 ritual cleansing therefore the number of guests <150 Therefore the miracle provides 8 bottles of the finest wine per guest….for the remaining days of the wedding feast…would there be none left as with Manna or would there be cases left as with the feeding of the 5,000?….. Also, wine being 4% then compared to 12% today, human physiology not having changed that much in the last 2 millennia, would mean that each guest would need to consume the equivalent volume of 3 bottles of wine to get merry, and a bottle every 3 hours to stay that way!… Therefore the wine provided is enough for the Last Day of the Wedding Feast…..

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