Sermons from October 2020

Seven Towers Service

“Survival tool-kit for aliens and exiles” What are the contents of Peter’s “Survival pack for persecuted aliens and exiles”? 1. In what sense are these young Christian converts from Roman paganism “aliens and exiles”? In the physical sense they aren’t – they are still living at home, in the land of their birth, speaking their mother tongues. (unlike the Israelite “exiles and aliens” taken into Babylonian exile in 5th century BC by the Assyrians under Nebuchadnezzar II: see Jeremiah 29 v. 4-11, Psalm…

Welcome to your new life and family

Continuing with the series on 1 Peter….. This week we look at 1 Peter 1:22- 2:12 This week’s Notice sheet can be viewed here Peter Pearson asks us to pray for the work of the Click the logo to find out more