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Riding Lights Performance

On Wednesday 21st Feb 2018 Riding Lights and New Wine joined us at St. Andrew’s Church for a performance of their play “Where Adventure Begins: Faith in the Family”.

The aim was to create a theatre tour that focused on the question of why it is important to communicate faith to children. As the tour visited St. Andrews it highlighted an important connection for us between faith grown in the church family and faith nurtured in the family at home. It was a superb and slick performance from the Riding Lights team, one that left everyone thinking about the importance of children and young people in the church and challenging us further on how we might make sure that the connections are strong and the contributions that children have are equal and valid amongst the adults in our congregations.

There were a number of resources available from the New Wine Children and Families team and Riding Lights themselves, which aim to help to consider how to nurture faith at home and in the church. We have copies available from our church leaders at St. Andrews or in the lending library at the church.

Here are some photos from the play – including some of the super puppets used!


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