Pulsford Lodge would love Rainbows to help brighten their day and boost the morale of residents and their wonderful hard working carers at this difficult time. 

Alison Bailey, Pulsford’s  new manager is asking for your drawings, pictures, paintings, poems, stories, –  anything related to Rainbows – to cover their walls with your art and messages so to flood Pulsford with light and positivity and to keep up communication with the wider community .

Please start creating and  having fun with your families. Let your imagination fly with the amazing story of God’s Promise of hope to all creation through the Rainbow.. There are endless ideas online about the story of Noah’s Ark, the animals, flowers and all creation as well as learning about the colours of the rainbow  and the colour wheel. Alison’s Rainbow Trail is already catching on around the country on Facebook, so we would love you to join in too. 

Please kindly email or colour scan your masterpieces  with a message of love to for Alison to print out your creations, or post to 

Alison Bailey at Pulsford Lodge, North St, Wiveliscombe TA4 2LA. 

With very grateful thanks and God bless you all. 

Martin, Hazel and Diana.

Rainbows for Nightingale

Once you have sent your electronic rainbows to Pulsford Lodge, you can send A4 rainbows to one of the Nightingale Hospitals to brighten the place up to bring some colour and hope to both patients and staff. If possible laminate your Rainbows and post them to the South West Regional Hub to be sent on to the hospitals.

South West
Rainbows for Nightingale
Flat 4
3 Quenneys Close


  1. Melanie Ekless

    The email link doesn’t appear to work. Would it be possible to have Alison’s email address please? Many thanks. Melanie

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