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The online broadcasts here are from around our benefice churches. We have services, videos, audio, sermons, prayers, meditations etc available to browse below.

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Sunday @ 6 Service for Palm Sunday 5th April 2020

Here is this week’s Sunday @ 6 Palm Sunday service! Before watching the service have ready: 1 – A leafy branch2 – A cross or Palm Cross3 – a candle and a lighting device4 – any donkey or palm leaf you have made and put in your window

Sunday @ 6 Service for 29th March 2020

Welcome to Sunday @ 6 for 29th March! This is a short video service for you to follow, pray and worship at home, which reflects on the current word situation and where we are in the Christian calendar – Passion Sunday. We apologise that Sunday @ 6 was not ready for 6pm as anticipated – this was our first attempt at such a recording and there were some technical hitches to solve, including the handling of the mediocre speed of…