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UPDATE NOVEMBER 2020: We are now streaming services live from St Andrews. Hopefully we can do this every week, but it depends on a range of factors including the current status of the COVID restrictions and the people and technology available to make it happen! Services are being streamed to our Facebook page – if you click the link below you can go directly to all of the videos that we have produced, both past and present. Despite being asked to log in or create an account, you DO NOT need an account in order to watch the videos.

Stay awake!

Jesus calls us to stay awake and responsive to His call to shine as lights of His compassion and peace in a troubled world.

Sunday 15th November

“Care-free but not careless” – in this last exploration in 1 Peter, Martin explains how Christians are called to live care-free and carefully, but not carelessly, as they follow the example of Christ and open themselves obediently to the guidance and empowerment of the His Spirit.

In Ecclesia Remembrance Anthem

“O Radiant Dawn” by James MacMillan Before the current lockdown, the local choir “In Ecclesia” were rehearsing in St Andrew’s and recorded James Macmillan’s anthem “O Radiant Dawn” as a tribute to the Fallen on Remembrance Day. They have kindly given St Andrew’s permission to post it for this time of Remembrance, for which we are most grateful. The project was directed by Jenn Botterill, a member of the choir.

Remembering War

A personal reflection for Remembrance season by Adam Green


A Service for Remembrance Sunday 2020 In the Benefice of Wiveliscombe and the Hills Conducted in partnership by Rev. Martin Walker of St Andrews and Rev. Martyn Parry of Wiveliscombe Evangelical Congregational Church

All Souls 2020

Dying with Christ and living in His Spirit 1 Peter 3 v 11 – 4 v 11

What sort of authority?

Did you remember to put your clocks back? Our reading is from: 1 Peter 3: 1-15 “By far the most controversial passage so far in 1 Peter” This and Next Week’s Benefice Notice sheet can be found Here… We hope you have found this service helpful and inspiring. We hope you will join us again next week for our weekly live-streamed 10:45 service from St Andrew’s. Please do mention it to all of your friends who you think would benefit…

Seven Towers Service

“Survival tool-kit for aliens and exiles” What are the contents of Peter’s “Survival pack for persecuted aliens and exiles”? 1. In what sense are these young Christian converts from Roman paganism “aliens and exiles”? In the physical sense they aren’t – they are still living at home, in the land of their birth, speaking their mother tongues. (unlike the Israelite “exiles and aliens” taken into Babylonian exile in 5th century BC by the Assyrians under Nebuchadnezzar II: see Jeremiah 29 v. 4-11, Psalm…

Welcome to your new life and family

Continuing with the series on 1 Peter….. This week we look at 1 Peter 1:22- 2:12 This week’s Notice sheet can be viewed here Peter Pearson asks us to pray for the work of the Click the logo to find out more