Happy Ordinary Time, everyone!

Happy Ordinary Time, everyone!

(If you’re wondering what that is, it is the period between Trinity Sunday (the climax of all the spiritual observances which began with Holy Week) and Advent Sunday on 28th November. But don’t get the idea that it will be “ordinary” in the sense of hum-drum, boring , or soporific: “ordinary” in this context means “ordered” – in other words, given a structure and a purpose. And that purpose is to live and grow in the life of God’s Spirit whom Jesus sends to us, as He did to the disciples at Pentecost. Put simply, now is the time to focus all our efforts on practising and making real in our own lives and the lives of those around us the Kingdom of God in all its joy, challenge and power of Love.)

And there are two important things to share with you about this right now:

First – (and less important than the second!)  a correction of the notice I gave in this week’s online service – I said that for the next few weeks I would be streaming evening prayers on St Andrew’s Wiveliscombe Facebook page – correct – and that on one day it would be your turn to share an inspirational thought, song, scripture or prayer – also correct – but I said that that day would be Wednesday – WRONG! – it will in fact be Thursday. However, if you are moved to send in such a contribution, it will need sending to Stuart and/or Alan by Wednesday evening, so that it can be posted in time for Thursday.

So the weekly pattern will be:

Evening prayers streamed live on FB on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, and a “shortie” from a member of the church on Thursday.

Secondly – (and far more importantly) – here are some resources to help you live and grow in the Spirit through this “ordinary” time; those of you who are wondering just how to help children and their families to be inspired by Jesus in a meaningful way will find these specially useful.

(My thanks to Katherine Lyddon, our Deanery Pioneer Catalyst, for finding these and passing them on to us – do pass them on to anyone you know who would appreciate them – especially your own children caring for your grandchildren.)

Scripture Union Inspire

Lots of videos from youth workers to help teenagers think and connect with God. They generally have a game or activity to do as a family and then a link to a passage.

The Greatest Story Ever

A set of videos and printable pdf cards to take you through the whole bible as a family over a number of weeks.  

Church of England Faith at Home 

There is a section ‘I am a church leader’  ‘I am a parent’  ‘I am a school leader’ ‘Video resources’.  In the video resources, there  3 episodes for families (one on Courage, Love, Humility) which they are adding to weekly.

Youth For Christ Gather the Family

For every intro video, there is a ‘chat’ ‘pray’ ‘do’ as a family. 
May God bless us all as we seek to live and grow as His children and servants.

With love in Jesus,

Martin Walker


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