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Great news – Bibles are arriving in the Congo!

We are delighted to hear that the Children’s Bibles have now arrived in 3 of the 6 dioceses that they are going to in the Congo. Here’s a message from Bishop William in Boga and some images of the very happy Sunday School children who have just received their Bibles.

Thank you for the Bibles. We gave them to two groups: the All Saint Church Sunday School and Father’s House children. It was a great for the kids to have their personal bible. Most of them come from families where there is not even a single home library. All of them have never owned a book, because their parents cannot afford to buy one.

Not all of them can read French, by they said it will be a tool to ask their parents to tell them bible stories. I pray and believe that the bibles will make a great impact on the lives of the children and families.


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