Getting Up-To-Date Information

Getting Up-To-Date Information

Finding up to date information on what is happening in the next few weeks or months

Listed on these pages are our upcoming regular events and service patterns held around the benefice. Four further sources will help you to look forward to what is happening each day in the next few weeks or months.

Our weekly benefice notice sheet details the service arrangements and events for the coming week, alongside other notices and actions for the coming week. Click the link to see the most recent notice sheet.

Our news pages will tell you more about what is going on around the benefice.

St Andrews has it own Facebook page and Twitter account. Details on many recent and future events can be found on these social networks.

Our monthly magazine publishes details on many of the upcoming events for the next month. Click the link to see details on how to obtain your own copy.

Our regular events and services

We have listed our regular events and services in particular as they normally follow a regular pattern but please note that they are subject to change! Occasionally services and events change from their regular pattern, often to celebrate seasonal events and festivals in the church calendar but also because of factors affecting the rural nature of some of our churches such as weather conditions, daylight or access. An example of this is the evening worship services at St Mary’s Brompton Ralph and St Michael’s Raddington, which meet earlier in the winter months and later in the summer months. For these services the summer timings have been published. Some other listed events are also affected by school term times and holidays and may not meet during the holiday periods.

For details about 5th Sundays please refer to the sources above. The whole benefice comes together whenever there is a 5th Sunday and worships together in one of our churches, changing to a different church each time. No other services take place on that day.

Services at St. John the Baptist Church in Tolland are held most months on the 4th Sunday at 10.30am, but the type of service changes each month depending on the season. Services do not always happen in the winter months either. Therefore no services for Tolland have been listed due to their irregularity through the year.

As a result of all of this you may also want to check our weekly notice sheet, benefice magazine or news pages to check for the latest up-to-date and accurate information.

Other events around the benefice

With such a large area and so many churches it is almost impossible to be able to list everything that is going on each week. There are a large number of meetings that take place other than what we have listed here, some of which are one-off events, some of which are more regular, but dates often remain flexible.

Some examples of our other events include lent or home groups, social events, fundraising events, community events, outreach events, PCC and parish council meetings, prayer and support groups, men’s or women’s groups, children’s clubs or activities, Open The Book, seasonal activities, study groups, visiting teams, Mother’s Union, Friends of St Andrews, The Julian Meetings, bell ringers – and that’s not all of it! Check our weekly notice sheet, benefice magazine or news pages to check for the latest up-to-date and accurate information.