Coronavirus update: Thursday 26th March 2020

Coronavirus update: Thursday 26th March 2020

In compliance with the government’s latest change of policy, places of worship in the Benefice are now closed for all religious services except funerals.

The purpose of this policy is to minimise all possibilities of infection, particularly of the vulnerable.

However, church congregations remain active in watching out for their neighbours’ needs and holding them and each other before God in regular and faithful prayer.

To this end, materials to enable people to pray, along with other printed materials to enable families to engage in purposeful activity at home, will continue to be made available to all church congregations.

Outside church buildings everyone is urged to continue to follow government and NHS guidance, and use all available communication media to “love your neighbour as you love yourselves,” so that we can meet this challenge to care for each other in new and effective ways.

If you know of anyone in need, please offer what comfort and help you can, and let the Rector know if further help might be required.

Martin Walker


Tel: 01984 248601 (while St Andrew’s is closed)

Email: Rector


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