Posts from October 2020

October’s Manna and Prayer Calendar

The Diocese of Bath and Wells Manna Mailing. The mailing includes news items and an interview, along with the monthly bishop’s letter which can be found in our Wivey and the Hills Magazine and the diocesan prayer calendar.

Shoe Box Appeal 2020

We are once again supporting the Bring some Joy this Christmas. Despite the difficulties that they face every day, through poverty, illness, disability, or other disadvantages, receiving a shoebox brings such joy to children and adults in Eastern Europe, that their faces light up with huge smiles. You can make such a difference to lives that are otherwise almost hopeless. If you are having a problem sourcing an empty shoebox this year then please use a drawstring bag (no…

Some notes to help you think further about why 1 Peter can help us live out our faith.

(Some more notes will be added each week to help you follow the sermon series.) Opening praise and confession Leader. 0 God, you summon the day to dawn, you teach the morning to waken the earth. ALL: GREAT IS YOUR NAME. GREAT IS YOUR LOVE. Leader. For you the valleys shall sing for joy, the trees of the field shall clap their hands.ALL: GREAT IS YOUR NAME. GREAT IS YOUR LOVE. Leader: For you the monarchs of the earth shall…